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Refurbished Macook Pro are suitable for your professionnal uses with powerful processors. From Intel Core i5 to Apple M1 chip, with high choices in storage capcity, from 256GB SSD to 2TB SSD, compact, lightweight, the MacBook Pro also impress with their autonomy! And besides MacBook Pro Touch Bar refurbished offer you a series of ultra practical shortcuts.

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Everything about the MacBook Pro

The first MacBook Pro laptop in aluminium was presented in January 2006 during the famous Keynote'Apple. Since many models of MacBook Pro computers have seen the day and the design has been revisited several times in order to offer an ever finer, lighter and powerful laptop.

How to choose between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air ?

You wish to buy a laptop Apple but you don't know which model to choose? Normally, it is not always easy to make the difference between the different models of the brand to the apple. Apple has released two large categories of MacBook for different uses: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

To make the right choice, try hard and already characterize your MacBook usage. Are you planning a professional or personal use? Would you like to take my Mac easily to work and when you move? The number of hearts (dual, quadricoeur, hexacoeur) and the frequency of the processor (ghz), the type of hard drive (SSD or HDD), the ability of the memory, the vivid memory (ram), the autonomy of the battery are -is it primitive criteria? What budget do you have?

Macbook Pro 13 inches and 15 inches. He'll be a little bit more numb in his version 17 inches but will bring you some visual comfort. If you need a large memory storage capacity, the repacked MacBook Pro has a storage capacity ranging from 128GB SSD to 2TB SSD. Some reconditioned MacBook Pro are also available with HDD storage. What to cover your needs.

Which Macbook Pro computer reconditioned choose?

Since the release of the first MacBook Pro laptop in 2006, Apple has evolved the characteristics and performance of its products over the years and generations of computers. Evolution of the processor, the capacity of the hard drives, the vivid memory (ram), the resolution and the size of the screens... Every new generation has seen the products Apple evolve and advance to meet the needs and expectations of its users. With the offer of MacBook Pro repacked Okamac, performance and reliability of'Apple is within reach at the best price.

MacBook Pro 15 inches or 13 inches?

Of course a 13-inch screen will be more compact and thus more easily transportable. But in addition to the size you must take into account the quality of the screen. From the end of 2013, the MacBook Pro 13" is equipped with a Retina 2560 * 1600 pixels screen. The MacBook Pro 15" inches are equipped with a Retina screen of 2880 * 1800 pixels.

MacBook pro 2017 reconditioned

If you are looking for a computer Apple at advantageous prices, and even more of a fairly recent MacBook Pro, the 2017 MacBook Pro 13" will offer you a very good value for money. Available in 8 GB RAM, 16 GB RAM, with or without the Touch Bar, CPU 2 hearts.

MacBook pro reconditioned 2020

If 2017 is already too outdated for you and you are like having the latest technologies, know that the macBook Pro 2020 is already available by repacking on Okamac! The MacBook Pro 2020 is available with the Intel Core 5 and 7 processor but also with the latest chip Apple M1 CPU 8 hearts.

From 2016, you have the MacBook Pro available in several colors. You can buy your laptop Apple in side gray or silver.

What is the price of a Apple MacBook Pro?

Making the acquisition of a new MacBook Pro is not possible for everyone. And for cause, if products and especially laptops Apple are renowned for their reliability and performance, new and new products of the famous apple brand are also known for their high price. And buying a used MacBook pro always has a share of risk (sweet slaughter, parts breakdowns, malfunctions...) But why have to choose between the new and the opportunity when you can buy a cheap and 100% functional MacBook Pro thanks to the repackage?

All our MacBook are available with the French keyboard AZERTY but we customize this one according to the country of the command with offering you a suitable keyboard.

Where to buy a repacked pro macbook?

There are many repacked portable Pc dealers to make your purchase of repackaged MacBook Pro. By choosing Okamac, you have the guarantee to buy a Apple MacBook pro repacked in France by a team of experts. All our Macs are carefully tested, repaired and cleaned to guarantee you a 100% refurbished computer (battery autonomy, teacher performance, storage capacity, RAM...), 12 months warranty and free shipping. All our repacked MacBook are available with the French keyboard AZERTY but we customize it according to the country of the command with offering you a keyboard adapted to your needs and use. Making the choice of repackage is making a gesture for your wallet and for the environment!

Why choose our repacked MacBook Pro?

At Okamac, we specialize in repacking computers Apple. Our Macs are reconditioned in France, in the heart of Anjou. We take full advantage of Angevine softness:) Completely tested, controlled, repaired and cleaned, our repacked MacBook Pro, and more broadly all of our ranges and computer models Apple (iMac, MacBook Air) are available in a perfect state of operation. The proof, you get a 1 year warranty! Beyond the advantageous price of our products, you get the free delivery of your MacBook Pro repacked laptop.

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Find our different products : iMac reconditioned (21, 24 or 27 inches) and MacBook Air Reconditioned (11 or 13 inches).

By choosing Okamac to buy your MacBook Pro'Apple repackaged you get from a state-of-the-art computer, efficient, reliable and safe while enjoying the best prices. And in order not to spoil anything, you make a responsible purchase and make a gesture for the planet!