Here you'll find all our refurbished MacBooks: from the most famous refurbished MacBook Air to the refurbished MacBook Pro. Our MacBooks are refurbished by us in France.

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  • RAM memory : 8 GB RAM

Why choose a MacBook Apple repacked?

Apple no longer needs to prove the reliability and power of its models. MacBookApple is the ideal computer if you are looking for a light, powerful laptop with great autonomy. On Okamac, the Repackaged MacBook allow you to acquire a cheap MacBook at the best price and make a gesture for the environment by offering them a second life!

How to choose your repacked MacBook?

It is important to define your need and the use you will make of your MacBook to determine which model will be most suitable for you.

If you are looking for a computer for personal use so focus more on a thin, light computer. The Macbook Air reconditioned are perfectly adapted to everyday use and offer spectacular autonomy.

If at contrario, you are looking for a computer for professional use, go for a model with a more powerful processor. The MacBook Pro offer very good performance.

Also pay particular attention to the size of the screen. Computers Apple exist in different sizes ranging from MacBook Air 11 inches to MacBook Pro 17 inches. Again, it depends on your need.

The 15 inches are ideal for visual comfort and touch Bar models are perfect for graphic designers.

Depending on the models and years, the configurations of the MacBook change and the options evolve. A MacBook Air 2018 will feature a Retina screen with optimal visual quality and Touch ID to easily unlock your computer.

What is the difference between a reconditioned MacBook and a used MacBook?

If you are looking for a cheap MacBook then you must be tempted to buy a Used MacBook or repacked. The great difference between the two is that your reconditioned MacBook has been tested and controlled on several key control points such as battery, connectors, high talkers, webcam, .. Defective parts are replaced all of this in order to guarantee you a 100% functional device.

Your MacBook repacked by Okamac has also been cleaned and reinstalled. 

Buy your computer Apple repacked therefore offers you the guarantee of a macbook at the best price and guarantee.

What guarantee for my repacked MacBook?

Another big difference between the repackage and the opportunity is that your repackaged MacBook has a minimum warranty of 1 year. You also have the option to extend this warranty up to 2 years. What to enjoy serenely your computer Apple ! 

Where to buy my cheap repacked MacBook?

There are many places to buy a MacBook repacked on the canvas. However, information on reconditioning methods is not always clear and transparent. Difficult to know the control points, the parts replaced and the warranty. Another point is reconditioning in France.

By buying your repacked MacBook on Okamac, you have the guarantee to buy a 100% new MacBook from our experts in our workshop in Angers. D

How is my MacBook delivered?

We carefully pack your MacBook in a reinforced packaging and add some goodies as well as a small surprise gourmet for your greatest pleasure. Benefit from the delivery offered in metropolitan France on all our MacBook.