• Comparison: MacBook Pro VS MacBook Air
    Published : 2024-05-30 | Categories : MacBook Air , MacBook Pro , Product guide

    That's it you want to take the plunge with a MacBook! You will acquire a very efficient computer over time and which will undoubtedly save you time. But among all the possible choices of MacBook, not easy to make a choice! Especially since there is a MacBook Pro category and a MacBook Air category, but in any case you can easily get a cheap MacBook by choosing the refurbished one. To help you in your search, we have concocted a comparison of the two types of Macbook.

  • Which refurbished Mac model to choose?
    Published : 2023-11-16 | Categories : Product guide

    When looking for a Mac computer, choosing between the various options can seem challenging, especially if considering buying a refurbished model. Apple products are renowned for their quality and performance, and opting for a refurbished Mac can save you money while still enjoying the benefits of a high-end machine.

  • Why Buy a Refurbished Mac?
    Published : 2023-01-04 | Categories : , Product guide

    Are you looking for your new computer and are you hesitating between buying a refurbished, new or used Mac? We explain all the differences in this article.