Why Buy a Refurbished Mac?

You are looking for your new computer and you hesitate between buying a Mac repacked, new or used? We explain all the differences in this article.

What is a repacked Mac?

It's the term up in recent years. In order to consume in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, consumers are invited to extend the life of products by turning to the purchase of second-hand products rather than the purchase of new products. This applies to small daily purchases, but also to your High Tech equipment.

Purchase of a computer Apple Mac repacked allows, for example, to save valuable natural resources.

Mac repacked or used, what is the difference?

Although repackage tends to democratize in recent years, the difference between a repacked Mac and a used Mac is not always clear.

The main difference between buying a repacked MacBook and an used MacBook, or a repacked iMac and a used iMac, is the guarantee. Indeed, a laptop Apple occasionally you will be resold in the state. You have no guarantee that it works perfectly, and even if so, that some parts will not let you go in a few months. You must also accept buying a Mac with a lower autonomy.

Conversely, a repacked Mac computer has undergone a series of tests to detect functional, defective or end-of-life parts. Defective parts or a certain % of their capacity (such as battery) are then replaced by new parts.

The computer Apple will also have been completely reset to remove all data from the former owner.

By buying repackage you receive a 6-month legal warranty. This is extended from 12 to 24 months depending on reconditioners.

What are the benefits of computers Apple reconditioned?

Whether you're familiar or not with the apple brand, you probably know that Mac and MacBook Apple are renowned for their design, performance, autonomy and ... their high prices. By buying a reconditioned Mac, you get all the benefits of a new while saving your money!

Buy a Mac much cheaper than a new

If you don't want to break your money to buy a new Mac, buying a repacked Mac is usually 20% to 70% cheaper. The repackage allows you to buy models dating back to several years, always as functional, but at little price.

Model, storage, OS, state... Mac suitable for your needs

The advantage of reconditioners, like Okamac, is that we customize the Mac according to your needs. On our product pages, you have the option to choose for each model the storage and OS of your choice. Depending on the models, RAM is also customizable.

This allows you to choose the storage you need. Rather SSD if you are looking for speed or HDD hard drive if you prefer more storage at lower cost.

We have many models of MacBook and iMac allowing you to choose the processor, frequency, number of hearts, screen size (inches) you need.

The customization of the OS also allows you to guarantee compatibility with all your software.

Tests on every repacked Mac

As we have already mentioned, we run several dozen tests on the Mac and this has several stages of reconditioning.

The computer is first tested on more than 20 checkpoints during its reception. The defective and less efficient parts are reported so that the repair service will change them. Once the parts change the computer will be subject to a new control. This process will be repeated at several stages of the reconditioning chain.

All this in order to guarantee a fully functional computer.

A Mac PC under warranty

Repacked Mac have a legal warranty of 6 months. At Okamac, we decided to extend this one to 12 months. You also have the option to opt for the additional 24 month warranty.

A gesture for the planet thanks to the repackage

Buying a repacked Mac does not only make great savings. This also allows for a gesture for the planet.

Indeed, the manufacturing of a computer consumes 24 times more energy than that used during its use. To make a computer, we need 240 kg of fossil energy, 2.2 kg of chemicals and 1500 litres of water.

Does the repackage have any inconvenience?

If you are a follower of the latest technologies and want all the time to acquire the small new from home Apple then actually the repackage is not done for you. By definition a reconditioned computer has already had a first life, so it is necessary to let it live. :)

However, it is possible to have very recent repacked Mac models since some computers can be exposure models from the App Store.

An offer of repackaged Mac limited to stocks and constrained by demand

As a result of its success, Mac's reconditioned demand has risen sharply in recent years. As we do not manufacture anything, we depend on the computers we manage to redeem. That's why you can find options on our product pages out of stock. Do not hesitate to create an alert to be informed when the computer is back home.

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