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A gold pie 5/5

Extraordinary! I am very satisfied with the purchase, an impeccable product, almost new, waiting for the characteristics and aesthetics. It's all right. Telephone and mail service are very reactive! It is a very good alternative to large reconditioning sites. A big thank you for being able to buy a pimp has a cheap price compared to the proposed product! I can put two or three more stars for honest and customer-friendly service:)

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Fully satisfied 5/5

Fully satisfied. Bravo also for DHL, because the delivery was both user-friendly RAPIDE... MERCI, I will recommend to you with my entourage....

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Excellent 5/5

Frankly perfect at the top I even give 100,000000 billion more than that star because it is real professionals, they know how to fix the problems when you report, the perfect product compliant, pack well, protect well, honestly I have nothing to say, all those wishing to buy I tell you Franchement go there, because their product are at the top, no regret, there is nothing bad at them. So I recommend a hundred percent. New product, produced to work by its professionals, they take care of their customers by remaining in contact with them, they support in case of perfect problem. So good buy to all.

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team at the top and produced at the top. 5/5

top team and product to top , product received in temp and shipped with care

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Very happy with Okamac for seriousness. 4/5

Very happy with Okamac for seriousness and good commercial sense. Thank you.

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Macbook pro 13 inches retina from 2015 5/5

Macbook pro 13 inches retina from 2015 Received today. Within the deadlines indicated on the site, and in the new quazy state, as ordered. Impeccable packaging. Fully satisfied with the experience with okamac. For my 1st Mac purchased I'm delighted to have taken reconditions at home.

I strongly recommend their service.

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I'm amazed at my purchase 5/5

I am amazed at my purchase of a Macbook Pro i7 2.7 Ghz supposed to be vintage (2012), in perfect condition as new, with a SSD Samsung 1T, 16 giga of RAM Apple, a matte HD screen option from the non-mentioned period, and a new battery! (checked with Coconut Battery). All for a price challenging any competition and a 12-month warranty. My MBP has arrived in a highly protected packaging, with various interesting documents on the maintenance of the Mac and on the ecological philosophy of the company. A MBP that still holds the paved, the most powerful of the time (with USB3, bluthooth 4.0, etc.), I’m behaved. It’s the best deal I’ve done for a long time.

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I Love You Okamac ♡ 5/5

My 2015 MacBook Air 11 inches had a mother & video card problem. The costly repair too expensive, I turned to Okamac for the first time to find the same Mac as'Apple don't make it today. When I received the Okamac package, what a pleasant and nice surprise I had! Emballage made with care, the Mac was completely well protected inside, accompanied by a nice small case with the perfectly presentable power cord as if it had almost never been served. About the Mac, it is as new as announced on the site, no scratches, no damage, no scratches! I find myself with a totally new Mac in my hands for my greatest happiness. Sincerely, we reach the summum of what can be done better in reconditioning product! In addition, inside the package, a delicate attention with a small package of candy offered, it's really nice this ... * ( ^ _ ^ ) * ... I thank Okamac very warmly for their seriousness > will not hesitate to come back one day to them for other purchases ♡

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