The birth of Okamac

At the age of 18, Alban Regnier, then a student, decided to repair his first MacBook. After receiving several requests from his circle, he quickly understood the need to develop the second-hand market and the necessity to differentiate between the used and refurbished market by providing it with a framework and a warranty.

That's how Okamac was born in 2011.

For 13 years now, Okamac has been the pioneer and specialist in refurbishing Apple computers in France and Europe.

"This specialization has allowed us to acquire genuine know-how and expertise in the field."

Alban Regnier    

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Why choose Okamac?
Refurbished in France

We refurbish Macs in our workshop in Anjou, in France.

A team of experts

Several dozen employees refurbish more than a hundred MacBooks every day, sold throughout Europe.

Strong values

The three pillars of our values are based on the quality of our products for our customers.

A process

During the refurbishment of our Macs, over twenty checkpoints are verified to ensure you receive a fully functional refurbished Mac. These include checking the battery (at least 80% capacity), data wiping, configuration, and installation of the operating system of your choice.

While our Macs are 100% functional, their cosmetic appearance may vary. However, to assist you in selecting the Mac that meets your needs, we have implemented a grading system ranging from fair condition to perfect condition, including good and very good condition.

Finally, before shipment, your Mac undergoes a thorough cleaning process.

Why buy refurbished?

Buying refurbished means avoiding the emission of 27 kgCO2e per year of computer usage, but it also means avoiding the extraction of 127 kg of raw materials such as mineral and fossil resources.


Avoids the emission of 27 kgCO2e and the extraction of 127 kg of raw materials.


Save between 30% and 70% 
compared to new.


Our Macs come with a 12-month warranty. Extension to 24 months is possible.