MacBook Pro 15” Touch Bar 2017 - Intel i7 3.1 GHz - 16 GB RAM

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Perfect condition

Product 100% functional, refurbished in France by our experts.

Casing: Micro traces or superficial scratches, invisible from more than 20cm away.

Screen: Screen like new.

Battery: >80%

Very good condition

Product 100% functional, refurbished in France by our experts.

Casing: Scratches detectable by the fingernail, invisible from more than 50cm away.

Screen: Slightly visible screen traces, not affecting the image when the screen is on.

Battery: >80%

Fair condition

Product 100% functional, refurbished in France by our experts.

Casing: Presence of scratches detectable by touch.

Screen: Visible screen traces.

Battery: >80%

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  • Very good condition
  • Perfect condition


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Macbook Pro Touch Bar: Unleash Your Creativity

The MacBook Pro is machined from a single block of aluminum, a feat of engineering that fused multiple pieces into one: the unibody shell. When you pick up your refurbished MacBook Pro, you'll notice the difference right away. The overall case is thinner and lighter than other notebooks. It has a polished and refined appearance. It emanates a healthy impression of solidity. Ideal for the existence he is called upon to lead inside (and outside) your satchel or backpack.

An improved Retina display, more colors, more pixels

Large pixel aperture and variable refresh rate make it power efficient. And it supports a wide color gamut to deliver more vibrant greens and reds than with RGB space. More faithful, the images abound with details of a striking realism. An essential asset for graphics, color grading and editing.


CPU-intensive applications like Aperture and Final Cut Pro benefit from any extra power. Turbo Boost brings this power by automatically accelerating the speed of active cores up to 3.8 GHz and 6 MB L cache3 shared, it will allow you to accomplish in the blink of an eye the most complex tasks in professional apps like Final Cut Pro. Your work becomes smoother and faster.

Dual graphics card, very high performance.

This 15-inch model combines 2 high-performance graphics cards:Intel HD Graphics 630 and AMD Radeon Pro 555. Result? The difference really matters when using 3D games and graphics-intensive applications. You'll experience increased speed and responsiveness for your HD video projects.

Force-touch trackpad and backlit keyboard

In OS X, the Force-Touch plays a vital role in how you interact with your used MacBook Pro. With a few realistic and intuitive gestures, the Force Touch trackpad lets you force click by pressing down on the trackpad and then applying more pressure. This feature can be used with many apps and programs on your Mac and gives you access to additional options. The large, glass Force‑Touch trackpad makes every touch, pinch, swipe, or click a pleasure.
Thin and light, MacBook Pro is designed to be at home anywhere, even in the darkest places. A built-in sensor detects changes in ambient light and automatically adjusts keyboard and display brightness. So that you are never in the dark.

FaceTime HD camera. All your affection in high definition

Located at the top center of the Retina display, MacBook Pro's FaceTime HD camera is even better than before.
Its new image sensor has increased low-light sensitivity, resulting in more accurate colors and significantly reduced noise. Its new image processor ensures sharper images and reduced motion blur. To top it off, a new face detection feature makes sure you always look your best: it automatically matches exposure and white balance to your face and skin tone, regardless of the light behind you.

iCloud. Everything you need where you need it

iCloud gives you access to your music, photos, documents and more, no matter what device you're using (Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).
It updates everything, everywhere. When you buy a song, you no longer need to download it over and over again to enjoy it on multiple devices. You also no longer need to wonder if a document contains your latest changes.
With new features in OS X, iCloud does more than ever. iCloud Photo Sharing, for example, lets you share your photos and videos with loved ones. They can even make comments and publish their own works. iCloud Keychain, on the other hand, remembers all your passwords, usernames, and credit card data, so you don't have to. iCloud stores them using extremely strong 256-bit AES encryption

Touch Bar with Touch ID: A New Way to Use Your Mac

MacBook's new TouchBar is gorgeous, automatically showing you the tools you need and already know how to use: system controls like volume and brightness, smart typing features like emoji or predictive text, and many more things. And for the first time, Touch ID is available on your refurbished Mac to give you instant access to your user accounts and the ability to shop online quickly and securely with Apple Pay.

State-of-the-art processors

None of your most power-hungry apps scare away the latest generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor in the MacBook Pro 15. For example, you can easily take Aperture and your entire digital photo studio wherever you take your cameraHyper-Threading technology, which improves performance by allowing each core to process multiple tasks at once, is built into the model. Your Refurbished MacBook Pro 15 delivers all the power you could want. Fourth-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processors deliver the fastest performance ever seen in a MacBook Pro.

Your MacBook stays on all day, never before seen

MacBook Pro battery life is now 10 hours between charges. An impressive number for any laptop, but even more so when it comes to a laptop with this level of performance, featuring a state-of-the-art processor and graphics, an ultra-high screen resolution and an ultra-thin design.

Faster flash storage. It is not called "flash" by chance

At first, it surprises. Getting started now only takes a few seconds, apps start up right away… Even browsing on the desktop becomes incredibly fluid and responsive.All thanks to new PCie flash storage.
Its read and write performance is up to 60% faster than the previous MacBook Pro. So don't hesitate any longer to import huge photo libraries into Aperture, it's almost immediate. Flash storage even teams up with the quad-core processor and high-performance graphics to speed up the most demanding tasks in Final Cut Pro. The flash system has no moving parts, making it ultra-durable and quiet.
It is also very energy efficient. With it, your computer can stay on standby without being plugged into the mains for a month. After a few hours or after thirty days, your refurbished MacBook Pro will come back to life as soon as you open it, as if nothing had happened.

It's Your Connected Side: Thunderbolt and USB-C

Between MagSafe power, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and audio input/output, MacBook Pro gives you all the ports and connections you need.
Add to that Thunderbolt: the most advanced and versatile I/O technology available, and the new used MacBook Pro has the very latest version: Thunderbolt 3.
It delivers 2X the throughput of Thunderbolt 3, up to 40 Gbps of super high bandwidth with the great versatility of the USB-C standard to create a re-boosted universal port.
This technology combines data transfer, video output and power in a single connector. Because each Thunderbolt 3 port allows you to daisy-chain up to six devices, youcan connect up to 12 external devices in total, just by Thunderbolt. The Macbook Pro 15 comes equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB 3.1 ports, and a headphone jack. In a jiffy, you can create a complete professional studio, with the MacBook Pro as the keystone.

Powerful apps included

Incredible apps, you'll find plenty of them on your used Mac. Starting with Safari, Mail and iBooks, which you will soon no longer be able to do without. To discover thousands of others, all you have to do is take a look at the Mac App Store.

Technical sheet
Depending on the country of delivery
With Touch Bar
Intel I7
CPU frequency
Number of hearts
Screen size
15 inches
Retina screen
Screen resolution
2880 x 1800 pixels (native)
RAM memory
4 ports Thunderbolt 3 et USB-C (3,1) , 1 sortie Audio jack
Graphic card
Intel HD Graphics 630 and AMD Radeon Pro 560
Charger included
Charger included
Graphics card frame rate
4 port
Excellent autonomy (above 80%)
Built-in speakers
CD/DVD reader / writer
Built-in webcam
Wireless communication
Wifi 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.2 / Airdrop / iCloud / Airplay
Macbook Pro
1,82 Kg
15,5 x 349 x 240,7
Track pad
Force Touch
Num Model
1 year warranty included and up to 2 years optional
Included in the box
  • Reinforced packaging

All our Macs are carefully packed in a reinforced packaging so that they are delivered to you safely. We invite you to keep this packaging that will serve you if you want to return your product.

  • Charger of the mac

All our chargers are original chargers of the brand Apple so that you guarantee maximum performance

  • User manual

A user manual to accompany you to the setting of your Mac during its first ignition

  • A gourmet surprise

A little greed that will delight the taste buds and ensure a little return to childhood. Nothing to do with your product, but it makes us happy :)


All our Macs are guaranteed at least 12 months. The warranty covers all the hardware failures of the Mac, the repair of the parts and the working hand, excluding operating system or software.

Warranty extension: You have the option to complete the warranty with our Premium Warranty extension 2 years for 89€ tax incl. (selection of the warranty extension in your shopping cart)

Free delivery

Your Mac is shipped within 48 hours, for delivery between 3 to 6 working days.

You can also choose the express delivery.

New : €2,999.00
New : €2,999.00
VAT included
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Expected delivery between
04/22/2024 and 04/25/2024
CO2 -127 kg of raw materials
garantie 12 months warranty
retours 30 days free returns
livraison Free delivery
Mac 100% vérifiés et reconditionnés

Every single mac is 100% checked and refurbished

Every Mac that passes through the hands of our experts is scrupulously checked, refurbished and cleaned.

  • Battery (+80%)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • OS X installation
  • Data deletion
  • Graphic card
  • Component removal
  • MacBook Cleaning
  • Charger
  • Connectics: USB, SD...
  • Configuration
  • CD/DVD player
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Speakers
  • Screw control
  • Keyboard
  • Humidity
  • Apple Hardware Tests
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